We wanted to provide all DSABC members with a few updates. 

1. Progress on Contract Negotiations 

We have concluded our 5th meeting of Contract Negotiations with the County and we are making significant progress for you and the agency. 

2. “Wins” for Members 

DSABC has been successful in unfreezing promotional positions, which has resulted in members getting promoted, and we have won Lieutenant Overtime Pay grievance, and lieutenants are now beginning to be compensated. We are still working hard to save over 14,000 hours of unused Vacation and Holiday time and continuing to fight the 8 total grievances we currently have. 

3. Responding to DA’s Attack on Law Enforcement 

Earlier this week, District Attorney Joe Gonzales publicly criticized law enforcement endorsements and support for public officials, saying that our values didn’t “align” with his and that our endorsements and contributions make an elected official “beholden to that group.” After hearing about this, DSABC responded. 

In a press release to all local media and on social media, DSABC called out the DA for his own conflicts of interest and his blatant hypocrisy. After all, he has taken almost a million dollars in contributions from trial lawyers and special interests. https://deputysherrifs.wpengine.com/district-attorney-gonzales-conflicts-of-interest/ 

DSABC will always hold public officials to accountable for their words and actions when they attack the values or character of our officers. 

4. Farewell to the Fallen 

Finally, this was a very tough month for our Association and all our Members. We lost two great public servants, Sgt. Ruben Rodriguez and Deputy Noah Calderon. The DSABC joins with all Sheriff’s Deputies and the entire Bexar County community in mourning the loss of these two officers. Our hearts and our prayers go out to their families and we will always remember and honor their commitment and their service.