The biggest challenges that Sheriff’s Deputies, both Detention and Law Enforcement Officers, are facing today have to do with the effects of COVID and staffing.

For Detention Officers, it’s important to note that the jail is still short-staffed more than 200 deputies (not including Temporary Jailers, whose duties are limited). This means that Detention Officers are overworked, working on average between 56-64 hours per week! This can result in sleep deprivation, which is very dangerous in an already very dangerous environment.

In addition, both Detention Officers and Law Enforcement Officers are having to contend with the added stress caused by the COVID pandemic. For example, more than 600 inmates at the Bexar County Jail have tested positive for COVID and those officers working inside the jail are worried and frustrated that they may be exposed, making an already tough working environment that much more hazardous. Meanwhile, Law Enforcement Officers are out there interacting with the public as they enforce the law. This means that like Detention Officers, they have to worry about whether they will contract the virus at work and then pass it on to loved ones at home. This obviously means stress at their workplace and also at their home, placing incredible strain on personal and familial relations.

Today, Sheriff’s Deputies, like all First Responders and Health Care providers on the front lines of this pandemic, are facing an unprecedented challenge. Nonetheless, the community can rest assured that they are more than willing and able to meet it. The Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County (DSABC) exists to serve our Deputies and protect their rights, so they can continue to serve and protect yours.