A new study concludes that systematic under-staffing at the BCSO has had severe ramifications on deputies’ physical and mental health as well as costly financial and public safety repercussions for taxpayers. The report details extremely low morale, with “dissatisfaction” rates near 60%, high levels of “burnout and exhaustion,” reports of major health concerns due to overwork, and gender and racial bias within the agency.

Eleven years of lack of staffing has cost the county millions, and the human impact has been devastating resulting in broken lives, broken families, mental health issues, workplace injuries, burnout and exhaustion, disciplinary issues, retention and recruitment issues. For nine months, the DSABC has pleaded with Sheriff Salazar and County Commissioners to find solutions, but these pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Due to county leaders ignoring or discounting the issue’s seriousness, DSABC commissioned this independent study to focus on key job satisfaction issues within BCSO.