San Antonio, TX Jeremy Payne, President of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County (DSABC) issued the following statement in response to the DSABC membership vote on the proposed Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

“The members of our Association take this contract seriously. They know how important it is to their livelihoods and to the safety of Bexar County residents. They read the proposed CBA and then voted overwhelmingly to send us back to the negotiating table. As president, I respect their opinion and our team will work hard to bring up their concerns and focus on their priorities with the Commissioners and the Sheriff’s Office. Let me also add that nobody outside the Association, especially the Sheriff, should presume to know why the members rejected the proposed CBA. We know why the members are still not satisfied, and it is my responsibility and commitment to ensure that we get a CBA that is not only fair to our members, but also prioritizes public safety.”

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