Brothers and Sisters,

It has been a long week, but a lot has been accomplished. The Executive Board and the Board of Directors have made a commitment to be more transparent with what is happening with your Union. We feel that there is some uneasiness about what we are doing and how your time is being spent. Therefore, we will be sending out reports that will inform you of how we are working for you on a regular basis. Below are just some positive things…

  • EB visited 1’1 East Patrol, Civil Warrants, Court Security, 15\ 2nd & 3rd Main Jail & Annex Roll calls in the past two weeks
  • We fought hard so that LE would not be forced to dump their compensatory time and we won!
  • Presented the Sheriff multiple ways to cut MOT & FMOT to lessen the load on our Detention Brothers and Sisters and are already receiving positive feed back from administration on some of our recommendations
  • Supported our brother Roger Gil and his family in the hospital
  • Took steps to start the build of our new media sites which are planned to launch in September. With the launch of these new sites we can tailor our own message and not depend on media outlets who have their own agenda
  • Stood up in Commissioners Court to get Detention the overtime pay you deserve for working overtime which was approved
  • The Board of Directors met to work on preparing our contract for negotiations
  • I met with Chief Serrato to discuss multiple issues from people in LE not receiving their shift differential, attempting to save holiday and vacation time for detention officers who due to staffing can’t use it and addressing issues of MOT’s being sent home while people are being forced
  • Posted a public response to the Sheriff’s “Erroneous Release to allegedly sabotage the Sheriff”, story to fight fire with fire.
  • Defended the contract to make sure Duty Differential spots in LE were posted to allow everyone a chance to apply

We are committed to see positive progress for this great Union and will continue to fight for you every day. Although, we know it’s hard to stay positive at times, know that we will remain vigilant in defending your interests.

Jeremy Payne, President

Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County