Brothers & Sisters

Recently, a letter was sent to the Sheriff concerning the violation of HB 2073 as it applies to covid leave.  It is my belief that the BCSO has violated this law and I need your help.  If you have been told to quarantine related to covid, please fill out the below questionnaire.  Please be truthful with your answers to the below listed questions knowing that it could affect the outcome of future litigation for you. If you answer “Yes” to questions 1 through 4 and “No” to question 5 below, you might be entitled to relief. Your responses will be delivered to Cleat legal to guarantee attorney client privilege.

question 1
Were you told to quarantine because of your exposure to covid 19 that happened at work?
question 2
Were you told by a BCSO Supervisor or a Medical Professional to quarantine?
question 3
If you were instructed by medical personnel, if needed, can you provide corresponding documentation?
question 4
Regardless of testing positive or negative, were you forced to quarantine using your own time, i.e., sick leave balance, vacation leave, holiday leave, or other paid leave in connection while you were quarantined.
question 5
Has BCSO replenished any of your leave balances for being forced to quarantine since June 15, 2021 to the present?
How many days were you quarantined?
How many days after June 15, 2021 were you quarantined?

Cleat Legal will reach out to you in the near future.  Please be patient with them knowing that we expect a lot of responses.

Jeremy Payne, President