SAN ANTONIO, TX –  Feb. 22, 2023 – Yesterday was another unprecedented and historical day for Bexar County. Commissioner Grant Moody visited the men and women Deputies at the Bexar County Adult Detention Center. Commissioner Moody spoke at all three roll calls, offering words of encouragement and appreciation for their commitment and sacrifice. After second shift roll call, Sheriff Salazar took Commissioner Moody and his team on a full tour of the jail. This is another historical and unprecedented effort made by any Bexar County elected official to fully understand the scope of issues that our Deputies face in the jail. This follows County Judge Peter Sakai’s visit to the Detention Center in January. 

Leadership from both the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office and the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County acknowledged that Commissioner Moody is genuine in his efforts to make improvements at the Adult Detention Center. Commissioner Moody spent last Thursday and Friday in Austin, TX speaking to state legislators and working with BCSO leadership to determine potential solutions to address the jail overcrowding. 

DSABC President Ron Tooke said, “I’m impressed that the two newest members of Bexar County leadership, Judge Sakai and Commissioner Moody, have taken the issues seriously enough that they have made efforts to see them first hand. Their commitment to improving things for our Members is evidenced by their actions.” DSABC will continue to work together with Bexar County Commissioners Court and Sheriff Salazar to find solutions for the issues plaguing the Bexar County Adult Detention Center.

Commissioner Moody’s visit is rare for a county elected official. 
Ron Tooke, President of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County
Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar