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August 29, 2015
Office Hours:

Monday to Friday

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Closed for all County Holidays

Phone# 210-223-2213

Fax# 210-225-7606

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Badges for Benevolence Motorcycle Ride
Badges for Benevolence Motorcycle Ride
Badges for Benevolence Motorcycle Ride
Badges for Benevolence Motorcycle Ride
Badges for Benevolence Motorcycle Ride
Badges for Benevolence Motorcycle Ride
Badges for Benevolence Motorcycle Ride
Badges for Benevolence Motorcycle Ride
2015 Peace Officer Memorial
BCSO Honor Guard with DSABC Executive Board
Escorts for the 2015 POMF Ride for the Fallen
Deputies R. Hernandez & A. Garcia assisted with the escort for the 2015 Police Officers Memorial Foundation Ride for the Fallen.
Members of the Political Action Committee at the Capitol
Representative Diego Bernal with DSABC President Juan Contreras and PAC members Don Tijerina, Kathryn Brown, and Anthony Daggett
Recognizing our Retired Members
Jalene Salinas
Named Honorary Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy
Detention 12 Hour Shift Proposal

The current proposal by administration has only been a proposal that was made during the Collective Bargaining Negotiations.  Many questions remained unclear but we would like to receive a general consensus from the members in Detention so that we know which direction to move in.  There is a section "Online Voting" under the Member Resources tab on the left.
Download: 12hr monthly proposal.pdf

Badges for Benevolence was a Success

Our first Deputy Sheriff's Association Of Bexar County (DSABC) "Badges For Benevolence" (BFB) Motorcycle Ride was a huge success. Thanks to all officers from Law Enforcement and Detention and other agencies to include all other guests for particpating in the ride. Sergeant Kathryn Brown who organized the event did an outstanding job. Thanks to American Income Life, we were able to give five $50.00 gift cards through a resgistration raffle. We would also like to thank Sergeant Quentin Oranday and Deputy Wendall Busby for providing the police escort from San Antonio to Austin. The proceeds of the BFB ride will benefit the DSABC Benevolent fund. The purpose of the Benevolent Fund is to assist officers who are association members with unforeseen incidents such as a death in the family, a major illness of a family member, or other catastrophic hardships resulting in a severe financial loss. More photos in photo gallery.
Download: Route.jpg

Time to be United

Over the years there have been individuals or groups that have attempted to divide the Deputy Sheriff’s Association. Some of those reasons are personal and others are unknown, but the time has come to stick together for the interest of each individual and everyone as a whole. Both the county and sheriff’s administration have insulted all uniformed staff, association members or not, with their unnecessary changes and recent collective bargaining proposals.

Leadership Is All About The Little Things

We have all suffered through unforgettably bad bosses, but there is usually at least one incredible leader who evokes some of our best memories. Maybe he/she was a mentor, friend, or confidante, but something about them motivated you. You wanted to work harder for them. You wanted to be better for them. If you didn’t give your best effort for that leader, you felt guilty. But what was it about that leader that inspired you? Can you put your finger on some identifiable trait that made him/her so different?

Selection of Vice President & BOD

A vote has been conducted by the Board of Directors and the new Vice President will be Jeremy Payne. He is currently the Treasurer and has been actively involved with DSABC for over 10 years. The new addition to the Detention Board of Directors is Kathryn Brown. She is currently actively involved with the Legislative and Grievance committees. Congratulations to Jeremy Payne and Kathryn Brown. We will continue to march forward as we continue to negotiate our upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Strength in Numbers

What makes any organization such as a union or association strong is numbers. A large group that will stick it out together and represent themselves is a force to be reckoned with. I continuously hear officers make statements such as “well why doesn’t the association stick up for us like SAPOA has stood up to the City Manager, Sheryl Sculley.
Upcoming Events

DSABC can better help you the members by you getting involved.  The following events are scheduled for 2015.  Contact persons by email and ask how you can assist. Halloween Bash, October 31st: DSABC 1st Annual Golfing Fore Kids, November 13th:
Download: Timeline.pdf
Updated: Collective Bargaining Negotiations

To date, all articles have been submitted and explained to the County and sheriff’s office representatives. Articles 6, 17, 24, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32 have been closed with no changes necessary on either side. Articles 1,5,16,23,28 have been agreed upon. The negotiations have moved slower than expected. Many of our proposals have been ignored and the county has countered without those requests. The current sheriff and her team have made a lot of proposals that may upset many of the members and those will be explained with the details we have to date.
Pending Grievances

The Collective Bargaining Agreement supersedes Civil Service.  Any alleged violations of the contract may be grieved by any person or persons. Regardless of type of Grievance, DSABC can assist all members with writing the grievance. If the association office is not notified of contract violations by the sheriff and her administration we cannot determine patterns or those violations to the contract. Below is a list of other grievances initiated by DSABC and its members.

For Your Information

Initial website Registration:  If it is your first time registering online we  need to approve it before you get full access.  If more than a couple of days passes and your full access is still not approved contact the office.  

DSABC Online Store:  Visit the new Online store to purchase DSABC products.  All proceeds go back into the General Fund

Rumor Has it:  Visit our updated Rumor Control page.  Hear a rumor and want answers?  Contact the DSABC office or email and I will find and post your answers.

In Search of Section Representatives:  As an additional method to communicate to all DSABC members, we are in search of officers from different sections.  We ask and encourage officers who would like to be a representative for their assigned section ie. all details, annex, MJ, Patrol, CID, Court Security, Warrants, Narcotics, etc. to attend  a monthly meeting so that they may in turn relay the information to their assigned sections. 

Update Contact Information:  Provide the DSABC office with an updated mailing and email address so that you can stay informed with information such as newsletters, upcoming events, updates on grievances, special offers or raffles,  the progress of the Board of Directors with the upcoming contract and other DSABC matters.  Correct information must also be updated to receive any mailers from CLEAT. 

Deputy Sheriff's Association of Bexar County
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