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October 25, 2016
Office Hours:

Monday to Friday

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Closed for all County Holidays

Phone# 210-223-2213

Fax# 210-225-7606

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Halloween Bash 2016
School Bags for Children
School supply bags provided to Palo Alto Elementary School students
2016 Ride for the Fallen
2016 Ride for the Fallen
Supporting Phillip Cortez
Phillip Cortez is running to Regain his State Representative Distric 117 seat. We continue to support those sho suppoort Public Safety.
BCSO Crisis Negotiation Team
DSABC would like to congratulate the BCSO CN team who placed Fourth out of 25 teams at the 25th Annual CN Competition at Texas State University.
2015 Halloween Bash
DSABC members receive the Medal of Valor at 2015 CLEAT Convention.
Deputies Richard Hammock and Michael Donato were presented a Medal of Valor by CLEAT President, Todd Harrison.
Badges for Benevolence Motorcycle Ride
Recognizing our Retired Members
Jalene Salinas
Named Honorary Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy
Public Endorsement for Javier Salazar

On March, 10, 2016, the Deputy Sheriff's Association of Bexar County publicly endorsed Javier Salazar for Sheriff. Attached is a Letter from the President, Juan Contreras, detailing the public endorsement. The membership has spoken and the leadership has taken their stance. The leadership of the association now asks that the membership and their friends and families make a collective effort in ensuring that Javier Salazar wins the run off vote on May 24th and the general election vote on November 8th. Please make an effort to support Javier Salazar through fundraisers, block walking and volunteering at any upcoming events. Show your support to DSABC and your next Bexar County Sheriff's Office Sheriff, Javier Salazar. See you there.
Download: Public Endoesement of Javier Salazar.pdf , IMG_1066.JPG


As President of the Deputy Sheriffs Association of Bexar County, I am appalled by Sheriff Susan Pamerleau’s recent attempts to publicly judge our deputies for wrong doing in order to gather political “facetime” for her media campaign. The tendency to jump to premature conclusions and rush to adverse actions against Deputies without regard for due process, is yet another example of how this administration has lost touch with the rank and file. The Sheriff’s failure to maintain order along with a lack of understanding of the criminal justice process are just a few of the on-going problems at the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. We firmly believe the Sheriff should run on her own merit.

Safe Ride Home Program Card

As a reminder DSABC provides the Safe Ride Home Program for all of its members.  This program is a voucher for the Yellow Cab Taxi service designed to prevent any member from getting behind the wheel intoxicated.  We encourage that you utilize it but not abuse it.

Proof is in the Pudding

     As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding.”  In the last several months officers have been reinstated after being terminated from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.  Five DSABC members were reinstated by a different independent arbitrator and two are retuning based on settlements reached short of an arbitration award.

Vote of No Confidence in our Sheriff
89% of those who voted do NOT have Confidence in Sheriff Susan Pamerleau

Click Here

Response to Sheriff Pamerleau's Rhetoric

There have been many issues that have come to light over the recent weeks. First and foremost, I want to say that my job as your President is to look out for the best interest of the membership as a whole. I do not want the membership to think that I am being unreasonable or trying to pick a particular fight with Sheriff’s Administration. I am just looking to have the membership represented in a fair and non-bias way instead of being paraded around and used for an agenda. There was a recent article where the Sheriff listed four “so-called” facts that are not necessarily correct. I wanted to take some time to enlighten the membership of the REAL facts.
Support from Within

Unlike other local agencies, the officers of this organization are paraded in the media when mistakes are made or allegations are made against them.  The duties of a police or detention/corrections officer have been proven time and time again to cause high levels of stress.
Download: Support from Within.pdf
Updated October 21, 2016: Collective Bargaining Negotiations

After all that has transpired the county continues to propose insulting numbers. Prior to this week’s meeting the county had proposed a 13.5% raise over three years. This week’s county proposal was a 15.00% pay raise across the board to both tiers over a four year period. That’s only a 1.5% during the final year. The Board of directors responded with 15% for Detention Officers and Corporals, and 18% for all other uniformed staff over four years. Per our most current market study, Detention Officers and Corporals were only 11.5% behind fair market. The breakdown is as followed:
Pending Grievances

The Collective Bargaining Agreement supersedes Civil Service.  Any alleged violations of the contract may be grieved by any person or persons. Regardless of type of Grievance, DSABC can assist all members with writing the grievance. If the association office is not notified of contract violations by the sheriff and her administration we cannot determine patterns or those violations to the contract. Below is a list of other grievances initiated by DSABC and its members.

For Your Information

Initial website Registration:  If it is your first time registering online we  need to approve it before you get full access.  If more than a couple of days passes and your full access is still not approved contact the office.  

DSABC Online Store:  Visit the new Online store to purchase DSABC products.  All proceeds go back into the General Fund

Rumor Has it:  Visit our updated Rumor Control page.  Hear a rumor and want answers?  Contact the DSABC office or email and I will find and post your answers.

In Search of Section Representatives:  As an additional method to communicate to all DSABC members, we are in search of officers from different sections.  We ask and encourage officers who would like to be a representative for their assigned section ie. all details, annex, MJ, Patrol, CID, Court Security, Warrants, Narcotics, etc. to attend  a monthly meeting so that they may in turn relay the information to their assigned sections. 

Update Contact Information:  Provide the DSABC office with an updated mailing and email address so that you can stay informed with information such as newsletters, upcoming events, updates on grievances, special offers or raffles,  the progress of the Board of Directors with the upcoming contract and other DSABC matters.  Correct information must also be updated to receive any mailers from CLEAT. 

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General Asembly Monthly Meeting
Oct 26, 2016
D.S.A.B.C. Office 1202 Hallmark Dr. Suite #301 San Antonio, Texas, 78216
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Nov 08, 2016
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